Over 2000 ft² of mixed-use studio space.

Made for the makers at Mess, our clients, and invited guests.
UPDATE: Now available for creators to reserve on Peerspace.


The Main Photo/Video Studio.

The heart of the content studio is our main shooting area, which is acoustically treated and divided into various chunks that allow us to shoot beautiful tabletop b-roll, full body stand ups on sweeps, or build our own sets- all at the same time. (Full kitchen and bath attached).

Additional Onsite Resources:


In-house Maker Space

We’ve got a stack of Festool gear and a Lulzbot 3D Printer, along with an easily vacuumed tiled-floor room in which to use them.

Podcast/Audio Recording Studio

A cozy (yet photogenic) sound treated space to record podcasts and other voice-based audio work.