Guts and Sites

This week: How to make decisions when it’s hard to make decisions, Client 101 - How much does a website actually cost? and Ernest shares 3 playlists for your listening enjoyment.

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The Secret Life of Tree

This week, we talk with Tree, a Chicago-based rapper whose new album WE GROWN NOW can be found everywhere. Despite producing for and rapping alongside some of hip-hop's biggest names, odds are you haven't heard of him. He says that's on purpose. Listen to find out why!

Cowboys and Clients

We talk about playing Devil’s Advocate, we debut a BRAND-NEW SEGMENT about strategy and we get to the bottom of a recent controversy on the Billboard Country charts.

Content about Content

As Ernest prepares to board a flight to Vegas for his bachelor party, he shares 3 of his favorite books about content creation and management.

Cultural Fossilization

If you’re sitting at the office wondering who anyone on that festival lineup is, this one’s for you. Stay tuned to the end for a homework assignment, it's not game over just yet.